My food network obsession

Being in San Marcos over Christmas break is definitely a different experience. There are a total of 10 people in town for majority of the time, there is never any traffic which freaks me out – (not kidding, I actually get confused about where I am when I’m driving if there are no cars on the road), I tell myself I will work out to pass the time (but that only takes an hour), it is too cold to go kayaking, and that only leaves one appealing option: to watch the food network.

My future best friend

I have cooked more homemade meals this past month than I have in my entire 20.875 years of living. I feel like Paula Deen is my future mother-in-law (I’m not picky about which son I am forced to marry…those are just details), and Giada is going to be my new best friend that loves to teach me how to cook a different italian dish at least once a week.

Wouldn't we make a beautiful family? Not creepy.

So far, I have made chicken noodle soup (without the chicken because I forgot to defrost it), italian sausage penne pasta for Tapa night…Tina made paella, it was amazing, and queso for the epic failure of a championship game that I don’t necessarily want to talk about anymore past this sentence. I have also made baked chicken with roasted vegetables and steamed white rice, pork chops with orange slices and sauted veggies, and chocolate chip cookies that did not turn out very well, so I gave them away to my neighbors and pretended I gave them away intentionally. Sorry neighbors, if you are reading this.

My next attempt is going to be homemade syrup and pecan waffles. I bought my waffle maker from wal-mart for $8.00. I feel like they are supposed to be more expensive, so if they turn out gross, I’ll just blame the appliance.

My baked chicken with roasted veggies and steamed white rice

Wish me luck, and if anyone is brave enough to try my Food Network inspired boredom meals, feel free to stop on by.


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