New Year’s Eve 2009

December 31, 2009 New Year’s Eve

Last night was New Year’s Eve. The night started out pretty slow, and I definitely did not have high expectations. It started out with me getting off work at 6, going home to cook dinner and hang out with my brother, Aaron who was in town visiting from the Navy. His buddies came over and we played some games of quarters and talked for a bit. The boys left to go to the square in San Marcos around 10 ish and left me and my underaged self to sit in my apartment until my friend Cassie picked me up to go to a party. So I took a nap while I waited.

An old picture of Lauren, Cassie, and I - We didn't take any pictures on New Years unfortunately

Around 11:30, Cassie and Lauren picked me up and we wandered over to Sagewood to watch the ball drop and to scream “happy new year” at midnight. After we toasted to 2010, we walked across the street to a party of their friends. At this party, I did not know a single person except the girls I showed up with. Which made my story a lot better.

We rolled in, walked through a bunch of people we didn’t know and went into the garage where people were playing a game of beer pong and listening to some music, and I look around the room and immediately notice that 1) everyone is completely wasted, and 2) there is not one attractive male in the entire place. Awesome.

Right off the bat, ugly guy number one asks Cass and I if we were single and if so, why didn’t we have boyfriends. Cass responded casually with “oh, I don’t know, just haven’t found anyone cool I guess.” And I immediately shot to “I’M A LESBIAN”. Probably a little louder than I should have said it, but whatever – I didn’t know anyone.

After my little outburst about my faux sexual orientation, we roamed around the party a little longer and ugly guy number 2 told me his ugly friend (ugly guy number 3) wanted to meet me. First of all, you don’t send a friend as your representative to meet a random girl. You grow a pair and introduce yourself if you want to meet a girl. So, in my head, I think it’s acceptable to continue on with my white lie. “Tell him I’m a lesbian,” and my friends began to lead me to the exit.

Upon saying the fib a second time, ugly guy number 4 passes by at that precise moment and says the most amazing comment. It truly made my night better and worth the fact that I told an entire party of people that I was a lesbian. He passes by as I said it and goes “If you’re a lesbian, I have a vagina.”  And then I am pushed through the door by Lauren and Cassie, and we left the party of strange people that I hope to never see ever again.

So, on to 2010. It is now January 1st, and I am sitting at the Coffee Pot typing this because the internet is out at my apartment. I ordered a bottle of water, a coffee, and a piece of bread. Breakfast of champions. Or, I guess I could say lunch because it is 2:22 pm.


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