Caffeine, Red Bull, Adderall, and the Infamous Finals Week

For two nights this week, I, along with the majority of the students in this school, have pulled all-nighters either in the Alkek Library at Texas State University or at IHOP. Why, you ask? Finals week of course…

This is the only time of the semester in which every single study room and table is occupied by a group of ADD frustrated college kids whom are surrounded by bags of unhealthy chips, candy, empty Starbucks cups, and crushed cans of Red Bull. I could continue on to say that finals week is detrimental to college students’ health, but, who am I kidding…half of the things that college students do on a daily basis could be detrimental to their health…at least to their liver. Instead, I am just noting some observations.

All-nighter number one in the library: I got off work at 11:00 pm and headed straight to the library, armed with my notes, my laptop, and a five-dollar bill. As soon as I got there, I set up shop at a table on the 5th floor by the window. Side note: window seats are just a bad idea in the first place because I caught myself staring out the window more than staring at my notes. After I got situated, I realized that I was exhausted from class and work and that I was in dire need of a cup, or gallon, of coffee. So I ventured downstairs to the lounge where there were selling snacks, energy drinks, and coffee for very cheap, college-friendly prices. I purchased my coffee, and went back up to 5th floor. I then proceeded to spill my coffee all over my notes and grey sweatpants, specifically in the crotch region so that it looked like I was so stressed out that I actually peed my pants. I can tell this is going to be a good night already. I sat as close to the desk as possible so that all the passerby-ers wouldn’t see my pee stain. But, I guess I didn’t hide it well enough because my ex-boyfriend’s brother walked by at that precise moment, saw my problem, laughed at me, waved, and walked off.

After I got over my self-consciousness, I decided it didn’t matter and that I just needed to study for my visual communications test. I ended up being quite productive despite all the groups of students that were not as fortunate as me. I looked around periodically and noticed that many students weren’t studying at all, they were in the library at 3 a.m. for no apparent reason except to simply feel like they were being productive and studying for their finals, but in reality just came to socialize. I also looked around and saw people I knew from previous classes that looked like death had personally came and greeted them with a platter of Adderall. Not a good look for some. They had big circles under their bloodshot eyes, appeared a little paler than normal, had messy hair, and a 5 o’clock shadow – not just the men. Okay, it was just the men, but the point is, these people did not look well.

All-nighter number two at IHOP: I got off work at 11 again and went to meet my friend Meagan at IHOP. The night before, I overheard some people talking about how IHOP offers unlimited coffee refills and I wondered why I hadn’t thought about this before. We ordered our food, chugged some coffee, and began to study at the world famous International House of Pancakes. After about 2 hours, I got bored and decided to leave. I went back to my apartment and attempted to study in my bed while Family Guy was on in the background and talking on Skype with a friend of mine from work. I didn’t get much studying done that night. But, when 3:00 a.m. rolled around, I read over my notes and I think I did fairly well on that final.

At work that night, I noticed that people are so edgy at this time of year. Corporate jack-asses try to keep an entire store employed of college students later than their schedules ask them to, when they clearly understand that this week is finals week, and the employees are not happy about it. Attitudes and tempers run rampant, including mine. I was about to start having a little bit of a fit right there in the store due to stress levels and lack of sleep. But luckily, they let us out right at 11. Thank goodness. My roommates are running on about two hours of sleep and aren’t as bubbly as usual either – everyone is either A) pissed off, B) super stressed, or C) all of the above, and it is making every college town in the country a scary place to be.

It is Thursday and I don’t have any more finals until Tuesday. My two finals on Tuesday are Spanish Literature and Media Law – both super hard classes. I think I’m stressed now – I think my roommates, friends, and family should stay away from me until after Tuesday because I don’t think they will like me anymore if they come around me during my neurotic stress stage.

So in the end, everyone is stressed and just needs to keep on keeping on until Tuesday night, the last day of finals. Also, I would suggest being understanding of edgy cranky people until then; believe me, they are not themselves – they are cracked out on some sort of stimulant and probably on zero sleep. I have never personally taken Adderall due to the fact that I would probably accomplish every task known to humankind except studying, but it seems to be fairly effective for other people. So, good luck on your last finals. After Tuesday, it’s nothing but Christmas music and hot chocolate.


2 responses to “Caffeine, Red Bull, Adderall, and the Infamous Finals Week

  1. I’m your fan! 🙂 Keep it up love! And you will do great on your finals.just stay away from the windows. Wait..who am I kidding, you fill naturally find some other object to occupy your mind rather than studying. 🙂

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